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Vitage® 'vitamins against ageing'

Vitage® advanced antioxidant skincare - the Power of Science and Nature in a superior, high performance antioxidant range conceived and created in the United Kingdom by skin professionals. Vitage® suits a wide range of skin types and conditions, making it simple yet versatile.

The key ingredients use the latest innovations to include advanced broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, innovative delivery systems and actives that address modern anti-ageing needs such as instant skin firming and increased nourishment.

Key actives include super antioxidant Organic Maté (Brazilian Green Tea), potent Bitter Cherry Vitamin Complex and firming agents from the Argan Tree.

What are antioxidants? The Antidote to Ageing

Over time we age both internally through cellular damage, and externally through the environmental aggressions (Free Radicals) that we expose ourselves to such as UV light, cigarette smoke, ozone, air pollution and oxygen.

Antioxidants work by neutralising or scavenging dangerous free radicals. We access these from our food and are also found naturally in the body.

Antioxidants and benefits

Vitamin A - Better known as the anti-ageing vitamin, will control cell renewal and the thickness of the skin, and therefore plays a major role in reducing ageing. Also used to control oil production.

Vitamin C - A potent antioxidant that is essential for collagen production. With superficial lightening properties to assist the improvement of uneven skin tone and texture. Great for dull tired skins.

Vitamin E - A traditional yet powerful anti- ageing antioxidant, this vitamin will protect our skin's structures and promote healing that is good for inflammation and scar tissue.

Plant derived antioxidants - All natural antioxidants derived from plant extracts such as Green Tea, Bitter Cherry Extract, Blueberry Extract and CoffeeBerry®. These botanicals all grow in hotter climates and therefore have to protect themselves from harsh environments. These will protect against UV induced damage, protect cell DNA, cell structures and has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Vitage® is truly 'vitamins against ageing'

We offer a variety of Vitage® facial treatments

Vitage® Prescriptive Facial Your therapist will personalise your facial depending on your skin type and results wanted. We guaranteed you will leave with skin feeling squeaky clean, soft and supple.

Vitage® Age Defense LiftingDesigned to quickly repair and prevent premature ageing of the skin. Our unique enzyme lifting mask smoothes, refines and firms the skin to give an instant lifting effect. Perfect for that special occasion.

Vitage® Power Skin PolishUses our exclusive Micro Skin Polish and potent vitamin C to get your skin smooth, buffed and radiant in just 30 minutes!

All treatments include a free of charge consultation prior to commencement to ensure you gain the best results possible and ongoing care for your skin concerns. Homecare is always recommended to gain best results.

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