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Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures uses diathermy heat to remove a variety of skin blemishes quickly and expertly. Unlike hair removal these treatments generally require only 1-2 appointments, and take advantage of the very precise needle control required by electrolysis. Only those who have undertaken specialist advanced training are able to perform these treatments.

It is used to treat the following common problems:

Thread Veins, Red Veins and Broken Capillaries

These are condition that are most commonly found on the face (particularly around the nose) and legs. They can be cause by many factors, including ageing, pregnancy, smoking and environment. The needle is put onto the vein and diathermy head is released to cauterise the vein, killing the vessel wall and causing the blood to coagulate, come to the surface and then disappear.
Mole Removal
Moles are simply a collection of skin cells, blood vessels and sometimes pigment (colour). They are removed by applying diathermy head to the surface of the mole, which seals off their blood supply. We are extremely careful to check that any moles to be removed are stable, so we ask you to get your GP to check the mole/s and sign a form to say they are suitable to remove. Multiple treatments will be needed as the mole reduces in size each session.

Spider Naevi, Blood Spots (Campbell de Morgan spots)

Spider Naevus is a central, dilates blood vessel with capillaries radiating away from the centre, commonly cause by squeezing of the skin. They are very often found on their own or grouped together in areas such as the cheeks.

Blood spots are bright red, vascular blemishes which develop on the body naturally as the skin ages and cell renewal slows down. They are properly knows as Campbell de Morgan spots.

Both of these conditions are treated in the same way as veins and broken capillaries.

Skin Tags, Warts , Verucca and Milia

Skin tags are very common and norally found around the bust, neck and areas of friction such as the underarm. They are harmless but can be both unsightly and irritating.

There are various types of warts, including common, plain and seborrhoeic and verucca, which can develop individually or in groups. All types of warts are benign and can be treated.

Milia are very small, white, hard keratin filled cysts which lie superficially under the surface of the skin, commonly found around the eye area.

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