eye treatments

Eyelash Extensions


High quality individual eyelash extensions will give you longer, thicker, natural looking lashes.  Applied lash by lash, one by one - they look so natural no one will know they are not yours! Our extensions come in various lengths and thicknesses.

An infill is needed every 2-3 weeks.

Cluster lashes are perfect for a special occasion or a night out. They are individually glued clusters and come in 3 different lengths. These last up to 5 days and only take around 20 minutes to apply.



Fed up of running mascara and applying your eyebrows daily?

 Our eyelash and eyebrow dyes come in various shades to suit all skin and hair types. 

Designed to dye hair around the delicate eye area for up to 6 weeks

LvL Lashes & Perming


Length - Volume - Lift

LvL is a semi-permanent method of lifting the lashes.

 It works by straightening your natural lashes from the root and then tinting them, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara. No messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.

Eyelash perming works in a similar way but will give your lashes more of a curl than a lift.